Einfolge - Helping Hands for Indian Start ups

Einfolge has helped many Indian startups in getting their invention, business plans and ideas patented. The Industries which includes the Solid Waste Management System, Logistics Company, Mobile App Development Etc.

Though Indians are skilled enough and indulged in having an innovative mind in coming up with the new inventions, they are quite unaware of the getting the patent rights for their inventions. When the reason is tried to be analyzed, on a recent study, it is found that the Indians have a misconception that getting right for the invention is difficult and the saddest part to be also noticed is, they have a strong belief that the Indian patent service based companies are not helping Indians to get patent for their inventions by having a pre-mindset of they were not affordable in getting their invention patented. In order to break this myth, Einfolge has proved that they can also help with smaller firms and startups as well as for individuals in getting their inventions and ideas patented in terms of affordable prices and with quick turnaround times.

As everybody aware that Einfolge is supporting globally as a leading Patent and IP service provider, but still it is not forgetting Indian companies at any cost, as it also has a privilege that it has been headquartered at India. Apart from this, Einfolge is also helping out Indian firms in making them understand of how their inventions are really important to the society in commercializing it. At this note, we would like to emphasize about a successful entrepreneur cum founder of QUALCOMM "Mr. Irwin M. Jacobs" wordings that "When we began Qualcomm, it had become quite clear that it was very important to patent new ideas".

Einfolge – One Point Solutions for all your Patent & IP Requirements.  



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