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Copyright is the authorization granted to an individual for their intellectual property due to original conception and effort. Copyright protects works of heritage, such as literature, art, music, and sculpture. Through copyright protection, creators have an exclusive right to use, publish, distribute, and profit from their original work.

An individual or company can copyright an array of creative works, such as books, articles, poems, paintings, drawings, sculptures, photographs, lyrics, architectural designs, blueprints, software code, documentaries, short films, and original website content, including images and multimedia elements, can be protected by copyright as well.

Einfolge’s team of copyright experts can help you protect your work with copyright protection, which includes acquiring artwork from contractors, registering and enforcing it through litigation in both contentious and non-contentious manners, commercializing it, procuring licenses, and achieving your commercial goals with regard to copyrighted or copyrightable subject matters. We serve a variety of industries, including software, entertainment, publishing, consumer goods, etc.

Upon the creation of the original work, copyright protection is automatically granted, and the owner of the copyright has the right to control the use of the work by others, including the right to license its use or prevent others from using it without permission. Copyright law aims to encourage and protect creative works and provide an incentive for their creation by allowing creators to benefit from their creations. The term of copyright protection varies by country, but it usually extends for the life of the creator plus a certain number of years after their death.

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How can Einfolge protect your copyright?

Our experts determine the ownership of the work. In certain cases, the author or creator of the work may own the copyright. In other cases, the copyright may be owned by an employer or by a client who has commissioned the work. Once the ownership of the work has been established, the next step is to register the copyright with the appropriate government agency.

Once the copyright is registered, the copyright owner obtains the right to enforce their rights against anyone who infringes upon the copyright. This may involve filing a lawsuit to stop the infringement and recover damages for any harm caused by the infringement. Copyright owners may also choose to license their works to others for a fee. This allows others to use the work in a limited way while still protecting the copyright owner's rights. The benefits of copyright protection include providing the copyright owner with exclusive rights to use and distribute their work. This can be important for creators who want to earn income from their work as well as for businesses that rely on copyrighted works to generate revenue. Copyright protection also helps to promote creativity and innovation by providing an incentive for people to create new works.

At Einfolge, we assist clients in diverse industries in protecting their copyrightable works by aiding in the copyright registration process, enforcing their rights against infringement, and helping them commercialize and license their works to achieve their commercial goals.

Benefits of copyright protection services with Einfolge

  • Einfolge provides intellectual property and patent services, including copyright protection. Since 2015, Einfolge has provided thousands of services related to copyright registration and licensing.
  • Einfolge’s copyright protection services offer legal protection for creators of original works, which can safeguard them from infringement and unauthorized use.
  • Our copyright protection services cover a broad spectrum of works, including literary, artistic, and musical works, software, and digital content. We provide global coverage, protecting work in multiple jurisdictions and territories.
  • Our copyright protection services can be customized to meet the specific needs of individual creators, including tailored monitoring and enforcement solutions.
  • We also offer enforcement and litigation support, including legal advice, drafting cease-and-desist letters, and helping with legal proceedings.


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