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Our design patent search focuses on identifying existing design patents and patent applications related to a particular design or visual appearance of a product or article of manufacture.

Design patents protect the ornamental design or aesthetic appearance of an object rather than its functionality. A design patent search is typically conducted to ensure that a new design is unique and not already protected by an existing design patent. This approach can help avoid potential infringement issues and provide insight into the design landscape of a particular industry or product category.

We have extensive experience in preparing, filing, and prosecuting design applications. We discuss the important aspects of your design and develop a thoughtful strategy that will help you maximize the potential of your design patent.

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Einfolge's detailed approach to design searches

Einfolge works with clients to identify the design features or visual appearance they are interested in, as well as the type of product or article of manufacture and any relevant keywords or classifications. Our expert team uses various patent search databases and tools, as well as our own proprietary database, to conduct a thorough search for design patents and patent applications that match the defined search criteria. We also use advanced search techniques, such as image searching and semantic analysis, to identify relevant prior art.

After completing the search, we analyze the search results to identify any potential prior art that could affect the patentability of the proposed design. We also provide a detailed report that includes a summary of the search results, an evaluation of the patentability of the design, and recommendations for next steps. Einfolge offers ongoing monitoring services to keep clients informed and up to date on any new design patents or patent applications that may affect their intellectual property rights.

Importance of a design patent

A design patent is an important form of protection for businesses that invest in creating new and original designs for functional items. It can help prevent copycats, enhance brand value, increase marketability, generate revenue, and provide legal protection.

  • A design patent can help prevent others from copying the design of a product, which can be a critical competitive advantage for businesses that invest significant time and resources into designing new and innovative products.
  • A unique and recognizable design can enhance a company's brand value, and a design patent can help protect that value by preventing others from using similar designs.
  • This can make a product more marketable by demonstrating that the design is original and innovative. This can be especially important in industries where design is a key factor in consumer purchasing decisions.
  • It can also generate revenue through licensing or selling the rights to use the design to other companies.
  • A design patent provides legal protection to the owner of the design and can be used to enforce their exclusive rights and prevent others from infringing on those rights.

Why choose Einfolge for a design patent search?

  • Einfolge has a strong reputation as a reliable and trustworthy provider of design patent search services, having successfully helped numerous clients obtain design patents and protect their intellectual property rights.
  • We have a team of experienced patent professionals, including patent attorneys and engineers, who are knowledgeable in various technical fields and design styles. This allows us to conduct thorough and accurate design searches that are tailored to the specific needs of each client.
  • We use advanced search tools and techniques, such as image searching and semantic analysis, to identify relevant prior art and potential patentability issues.
  • Einfolge provides customized reports that are tailored to the specific needs of each client, including a summary of the search results, an evaluation of the patentability of the design, and recommendations for next steps.
  • We offer competitive pricing for design patent search services, which can help clients save costs without compromising on quality research and analysis.
  • We have a strong focus on customer service, with a dedicated team of professionals who are available to answer questions and provide support throughout the design patent search process.


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Design patents are a type of intellectual property protection that ensures the distinctive, decorative appearance of functional objects.