Secondary Market Research

Einfolge recognizes the importance of getting accurate and reliable information when it comes to market research. Secondary research can provide a useful starting point, but it's important to carefully evaluate whether it meets your specific research needs.

We provide comprehensive secondary research by using important industry-specific tools, including reporting services, industry publications, and competitor data. Secondary data is information gathered by someone other than the researcher. This data can be gathered from government records, trade associations, books, statistics agencies, national or international institutes, etc. This readily available information is used for secondary market research.

A secondary source of information is reports and studies by trade associations, government agencies, or other businesses within your industry.

The secondary market research method involves gathering external information from various sources, such as government agencies, labor unions, industry associations, chambers of commerce, and media sources. Which is typically published in newsletters, pamphlets, magazines, newspapers, and trade publications.

Secondary research is cost-effective and can yield valuable insights.

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We offer the following secondary market research services

Industry Research:

Einfolge’s industry research services can provide you with a competitive advantage by measuring your industry's revenue and number of players. Our services can help you gain in-depth knowledge about the industry, including competitors and regulations. Through industry and company analysis, market assessment, market sizing studies, and competitive benchmarking. Our industry profiling services provide you with a detailed overview of your industry, including key competitors, potential opportunities, cultural trends, demographic trends, and more.

Company Research:

Einfolge’s company research services are designed to help support your business, enabling you to do business with confidence. We offer studies that include market entry strategies, diversification strategies, feasibility studies, market due diligence, product concept testing, brand tracking, and partner identification studies.

Market Assessment Study:

Einfolge provides in-depth analyses of market size, competitive presence, customer behavior, and channel trends through market assessment. Market assessment involves the evaluation of the market for a product or service, including the analysis of market trends, competition analysis, and conducting market studies.

The purpose of a market assessment study is to help businesses make informed decisions about entering a new market or launching a new product or service by understanding the size and characteristics of the market, as well as the behavior of potential customers and the competition. This enables businesses to identify opportunities and potential risks and develop strategies that align with market demand.


  • Our competitive intelligence services help clients make smarter and faster decisions.
  • In-depth study of direct and indirect competitors
  • Development of Competitor Intelligence Snapshots
  • Brand strengths and weaknesses versus competitors
  • Performance of paid and organic search campaigns on the Internet
  • Pricing Analyses versus Competitors
  • Company and Competitor Product Analyses
  • Distribution and Supply Chain Analysis
  • Compelling research on competitor seasonal discounts and promotions

Marketing Mix Analysis versus Competitors

  • Analyze the size of the territory and the market in comparison to competitors.
  • Analysis of user and prospect sentiment, obtained by analyzing their comments about a brand, product, or service.
  • Analysis of market share based on revenue and units compared to competitors Sales cycle and customer support analysis
  • Previsioning and Lost Deal Analysis
  • TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) analysis and modelling

Pros of Secondary Market Research

Secondary research is important for several reasons.

  • Secondary research can be less expensive than primary research, which can save money for businesses and organizations that may have limited budgets.
  • It can be completed quickly because the data has already been collected and compiled.
  • It provides a broader perspective on the market, industry, and competition since it draws on data and analysis from a variety of sources and helps businesses better understand the overall landscape and identify trends.
  • It helps validate the findings of primary research by comparing them with existing data and analysis.
  • Help identify areas where more research is needed or where there is a lack of information.
  • Secondary market research can be an important tool for businesses and organizations looking to make informed decisions about their operations, marketing strategies, and product development.


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