Who We Serve

In India and other nations across numerous sectors, Einfolge offers services to significant clients in a wide range of businesses. We can customize our services to meet each client's specific demands and challenges by getting to know them. Our purpose is to provide clients with specialized, affordable services that support their goals and objectives and empower them to profit from their ideas and inventions by turning them into profitable business prospects.

For clients including Fortune 500 corporations, top technology consulting firms, small and medium-sized businesses, corporate law firms, innovation powerhouses, research institutes, and individuals, we are the best provider. Individual inventors can benefit from our professional solutions, which can help with patent filings and offer advice on patent strategy and prosecution. Our patent and IPR services assist new and small enterprises in building a solid intellectual property portfolio while safeguarding their inventions. This may entail performing patent searches, writing and submitting patent applications, and giving counsel regarding the management and enforcement of intellectual property.

We help established businesses and major enterprises manage their intellectual property assets, create patent strategies, perform searches and analyses on existing patents, handle licensing arrangements, and enforce their IP rights. Our specialized and affordable solutions assist universities and research organizations in safeguarding and monetizing their intellectual property. We can help with managing technology transfer efforts, licensing technologies to business partners, and patenting discoveries resulting from academic research. In addition to working with law firms, Einfolge helps with patent-related tasks such as patent writing, prior art research, patentability assessments, infringement evaluations, and litigation support. Einfolge helps attorneys and law firms save time and focus on building client relationships by assisting them with Patent and IPR needs.