Mobile Apps Patentability

Mobile Apps Patentability

Posted on: April 30, 2015

Mobile Apps Patentability

If 20th century was all about, internet and desktop PC’s then the 21st century can be said to be of Mobile, precisely Smartphones. Mobile phones have come a long way, from the early 1980’s when Motorola launched the first cellular phone to their more superior successor in Smartphones.

Smartphones has completely revolutionized the world. Ten years ago, mobiles phones were a luxury, today for every individual it is a necessity – “A part of their Lifestyle”. Now, what makes these Smartphones so smart? It is the mobile applications (mobile apps). Today whether it is either Android, Apple or a Windows Phone - it’s there app store that makes them special. Whether it’s Google Play Store or iTunes store all boast off a huge number of mobile apps. 

Applications are being designed for specific purposes: from e-commerce to video streaming, social networking to banking, all utilize different applications. Android is the dominant player of Global Smartphone market.  The Android market place has close to 1.35 Million mobile apps. On a daily basis hundreds of new apps are being added.

The table above clearly shows beyond an iota of doubt how new mobile apps are being uploaded every day. This also shows the popularity it has gained in today’s fast paced generation.

Therefore when so much opportunity and such a huge market lie in front of us, why shall we hesitate to grab it with our both hands? Imagine just how much a new mobile app could be evaluated to. Once you believe your mobile app is different in the league and there is a uniqueness combined with utility, then getting a user base and a huge market comes by default. The inter-connected nature of the smartphone’s world ensure your product is available to huge number of users’ instantly.

However, one has to pre-decide the value of the mobile app, so let’s understand the different aspects for any Inventor/Company to analyse and secure the market.

  1. What if your idea is copied post launch?
  2. What if the copied mobile app has better features that may kill your idea in the long run?
  3. The monetary value associated with your mobile app’s look, design, and logo?
  4. How to insure yourself from all this potential disaster situations??

In order to make sure that you have the exclusive rights on your own mobile app, the best option is to get your app patented. Patent will give an exclusive right that will legally underwrite copying or using it without your permission or knowledge;

A Patent Research and Patent Analytics Firm (Einfolge) is a good option for you - The firm will not only help you to file the patent, but it will also check for, how patentable is your mobile app? Whether the application is infringing on to an existing app or not. So why wait till someone else copies your idea-and your hard work, get your APP patented today.

Besides other options of protections available for App firms are – filing Trade Dress Protection.


We at Einfolge have dedicated Team resources to serve the ever emerging and in demand Mobile Apps Sector. 


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