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State-of-art Search

Our State-of-art searches will help you to make informed decision in relation to your patent strategies.

Our State of the Art Search is designed to provide up-to-date information and progress in a specific technical field. It is the broadest of all patent searches which also provides an overall perspective of a particular technical field and is typically conducted prior to making a patent application, or prior to amendment of an existing patent application.

This search involves a comprehensive review of all patent and non-patent literature thereby allowing client to update with the state of the art that exists already in a particular technology and then to build on it. It will also allow a company to spot new competitors and to identify new technological trends. Our State of the art search will help in making informed decisions in determining the direction for steering the R&D and prior to making further investments, mergers and acquisitions.

Our state of art searches will also help you to make informed decisions, before incurring additional costs in relation to your patent strategies. This search includes all issued patent, published patents and other publications.

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