Understanding Corona Virus Research -Patent Perspective; China a major Player in the field

Coronavirus is not new for research institutions, especially for a premier institute located in Wuhan city of China from where the outbreak has started.

According to a latest Einfolge study, China was very active in doing research related to coronavirus and it was working rigorously in this area from last few years. Innovation is the key parameter of research and development in any field and Patents proves its validity. Looking at this fact, a leading Patent and Market Research organisation “Einfolge” conducted a brief study on the coronavirus related patents. The findings speaks a lot.  Einfolge retrieved 1286 patents from all over the world, of which 1002 Patents are directly related to coronavirus, in which one-third (362) are from China, and most of the patents are related to respiratory related experiments and various medical usage.

Interestingly Huazhong Agricultural University located in Wuhan, Hubei China is among the top institutions working on the same. The university holds 15 patents in coronavirus from the year 2003 onwards, and about 9 patents are from year 2018 to 2019.

According to Einfolge study, China’s 5 institutions hold maximum patents related to coronavirus which includes Huazhong Agricultural University located in Wuhan and China’s Academy of military medical sciences. China’s QINGDAO YEBIO BIOENGINEERING CO LTD holds 15 patents on coronavirus. INST AGRO FOOD SCI & TECHNOLOGY CHINESE holds 18 patents on coronavirus. PULIKE BIOLOGICAL ENG INC holds 18 patents on coronavirus. Apart from these, many more institutions and companies are working in this area including south China Agricultural University.