India’s Innovation in Agriculture – View of Einfolge in Deccan Chronicle

India’s Innovation in Agriculture – A View of Einfolge Director Mr. Ruhan Rajput published by “Deccan Chronicle”

“Agriculture is the backbone of Indian Economy” a famous line quoted in Class 11 Economics of Indian syllabus since the start of Indian educational system. According to Google facts, India stand second worldwide in farm output. India is the world's largest producer of pulses, rice, wheat, spices and spice products. Most of its agriculture exports serve developing and least developed nations.

Over 60 percent of India's total land is under agriculture and nearly 23 percent covered by forests. 70 percent of its rural households still depend primarily on agriculture for their livelihood.

With all such pride, where we stand in innovation in the sector? With good number of research institutes like ICAR, CSIR and the like we could able to secure patents in the fields of herbicide, fungicide, bactericide, insecticide and herbal preparations. Our major patenting activity is in the field of biocides as per the WIPO and EPO results. Residing with vast resources, we still lack in developing high number of patents in the industry.

However, in the wake of changing R&D policies, private sector participation is increasing in the areas like biotechnology, hybrid seed, plant protection chemicals, farm machinery and animal healthcare. In order to strengthen this trend, an opportunity to appropriate research benefits needs to be created.

The importance of IPR in the Agriculture sector is well expressed by our Director Ruhan Rajput in his article published in Deccan Chronicle.