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Entrepreneur Magazine Publishes Einfolge’s Views on Early Filings of Patents for Start Ups

Entrepreneur Magazine Publishes Einfolge’s Views on Early Filings of Patents for Start Ups

Posted on: January 12, 2018

Startups need Patents

Einfolge was contacted by the renowned Entrepreneur Magazine for its view on early filings of Patents for Start Ups. The coverage was why it is beneficial to file patents at early stage by a budding Start-Up. Einfolge has a Start-Up focused solutions. The benefits were explained in detail by Einfolge’s Director Mr. Binod Singh.

Einfolge’s solutions are tailor made to suit the immediate, near-term and long-term business needs of Start Ups. Einfolge helps to protect right from the ideation stage to final grant of patents.

Emphasizing the needs of protecting the innovation and filing at early stage, the Director highlighted the advantage of doing it:

1.     Bolster Investor Support -Venture Capitalists favour big investments in start-ups which have already filed the patents. These give them the confidence that the innovation has got real value and potential.

2.     Early filing protects the date of first to file for any start-ups. As we know, publicizing your invention at any time before filing a patent application could put your intellectual property rights in jeopardy.

3.     Product Development boost- Getting a grant on patents gives a boost to create the product at a much-accelerated pace. Nowadays startups aim for the global market. So, how quickly you go to the market is very important. Startups need to be aggressive in their market outreach plan and this can be facilitated by protecting their patents.

4.      Minimize competition – Getting a patent grant at an early stage helps the start-ups to stand tall among the many players. It also dithers others to do what you are doing as the sword of infringement hang if you have a granted patent.

“Many banks and financial institutes allow patent as asset guarantee for loans. So it goes the ways – ‘Early filers are the Winner’s”, he added.

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