Einfolge Acquired New Office Space in the Renown International Tech Park

Amid the ongoing Covid 19 Pandemic, there is some great and proud moment for Einfolge .We took additional brand new Office space in the renowned International Tech Park, Bangalore.

Its been an exciting journey of Einfolge to operate successfully during the past 7 years in International Tech Park Bangalore located in Whitefield.In the past 7years, Einfolge keeps expanding our operations in various sectors and we provide Patents & IPR Research, Analytics and Drafting support apart from Market Research Services to our clients across the world. We have been supporting Startups, Small and Medium companies, Research Institutes, Fortune 500 companies as well as law firms across the globe.

The new office location in ITPL will strengthen our presence more in terms of growth, along with serving our clients by providing better services which can offer more value to the business.

Mr. Ruhan Rajput Director Einfolge Says “We have got this office before the lock down . During the COVID-19 period we have developed the space into a great office space. This space has also been updated with all data security, physical safety, and security.Above all ,our employees can enjoy a world class amenities of the renowned Tech Park “. He further adds “It’s a proud moment for Einfolgers to see our company logo on both sides of the ground floor entrance of Creator block, ITPB. We are now prominently present .”

It been seven exciting years for Einfolge operating inside ITPB, and this additional work place will lead to a great restart post pandemic to our employees to have a great and productive work environment.