Einfolge Technologies: A One-Stop-Solution for all Patent Analytics & Market Research Needs

Intellectual property(IP) is a basket of different rights like trademarks, copyrights, patents, database rights, designs and confidential information. When establishing a business, protecting and managing its IP is critica,l as it can mean the difference between success and failure, and can even be monetized like physical assets. On the other hand, IP helps businesses make crucial decisions related to starting a new project/venture, evaluating existing one, IP assets valuations, competitors’ study & roadmap, and many more. Helping clients to evaluate, protect and monetize their IPs, and design roadmaps by market research to enable them to flourish well is Bangalore - based Einfolge Technologies.

“We are one of the most active players in Patent Analytics and Market Research fields, and a one-stop solution provider for all the needs in these requirements. We have a canvas of offering on both the headers and do A-Z of the requirements of our clients for these two requirements,” asserts Ruhan Rajput, Director, Einfolge Technologies, who has been creating operational strategies and technology visionto develop meaningful differentiated information infrastructure and process solutions.

 "We play a crucial role for all those who deals with innovations and its protections across the globe – be it young energetic minds to the big corporates"

Leaveraging its expert solutions and personalized services with strict adherence to deadlines and constant client interaction, the company helps clients streamline operations, reduce cost and enhance business efficiencies. “We play a crucial role for all those who deal with innovations and its protections across the globe – be it young energetic minds to the big corporates. We are an essential need to grow the revenues,” asserts Binod Singh, Director, Einfolge Technologies, who holds a decade long experience in helping companies and institutes generate, protect, execute, market and sell their IP assets.

Standing firmly on the six pillars of integrity, client satisfaction, innovation approach, focus approach, time management and intellect, the company focuses on developing and maintaining measurable client satisfaction parameters, thus enabling its associates to deliver world class service every day. Leveraging technology to its fullest, Einfolge ensures strategies of project discussion, project evaluation, project execution, report submission and feedback/follow-
up for successfully engaging the clients in the delivery model to achieve desired results. The company is certified ISO 9001:2015 by German certification for all its deliveries, and follows standards of various global patent offices including, but not limited to, USPTO, PCT, EPO, IPO, CIPO, SIPO, and JPO amongst several others.

Up-Skilling is the Key
This 2014-founded company has on-boarded around 200+ clients across MNCs, Research Institutes, Universities, Law Firms, Startups and others from across the globe, apart from supporting Indian Government’s Navratnas amongst others. When working with global clients, being up-to-date with the global IP trends and law changes are a must. Einfolge is always at the cutting-edge of this, which reflects in its up-to-date delivery models. With regular access to seminars, software database training, module training, client specific training, besides other measures help the company upgrade its workforce on a regular basis.

Profitable since the very first year of its inception, Einfolge witnesses continuous revenue growth of 30 percent year-on-year. “We see ourselves among the top five IPR research & analytics and market research players in the next five years, while doubling our manpower in the next two years with focus on new regions, especially South Korea, China, Japan and our own India in the expansion process,” says the proud Director-duo. Their confidence on their services and level of fidelity is quite clear from their commitment to not take any VC funding despite two investors approaching them in last one year to invest around Rs.100 crore based on their revenue generation in the last five years. They rather believe in growing organically.