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Patent watch: Keep an eye on patents

Posted on: May 5, 2017

Patent Watch

Patent Watch – Update you in the patenting strategy and R&D.

An Intellectual property (IP) watching or monitoring is conducted to keep an eye on specific technologies or company’s patent. The patent monitoring also involves legal status monitoring to alert our client regarding the status of the application during prosecution stage.

The three main IP watching service includes:

Competitor watch:

The competitor watch is to monitor the technology trends of specific competitor and their patent applications / issued patents including their patent filing trend.

The frequency of the watch could be customized in a weekly/monthly time to monitor the technology and patent updates for the target competitor.

This could be expanded to any specific inventor also to monitor the technology and patents associated with them.

Technology watch:

The technology watch is to monitor newly published patent applications and issued patents in the targeted technology and keep our client abreast of technical developments in the field of interest.

The technology watching helps in analysing concerned patents in the field of interest to identify business opportunities.

Legal status watch:

The legal status monitoring is to monitor the legal status of our client patent applications during the prosecution stage and update our client instantly regarding any amendments such as office actions, fee payment, etc. This is potential for clients to work on any abandoned / rejected / expired competitor’s patents without any infringement risk.

Once our client had filed a patent application, there is a no need for them to check the status of application in the prosecution stage regularly. We will monitor their applications and alert them by email regarding the changes in the status of application along with a copy of office action or letter. We will send a customized report regarding the legal status change by daily / weekly / monthly based on monitoring frequency.

Why Einfolge:

We offer high quality and customized IP & Patent Watch Service to our clients by alerting them on prosecution activities about the published applications related to specific technologies of interests.

Our customized reports assist clients in making informed strategic decisions on R&D plans for the organization.


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