Patent Landscape & Portfolio Analysis

Patent Landscape & Portfolio Analysis

Posted on: April 19, 2017

Landscape and Portfolio Analysis

With increasing innovation in sectors such as Internet-of-Things (IoT), artificial intelligence, neural networks, and others, it is highly desirable that companies involve analytics as part of their decision making process to ensure progress in areas relevant to the company. Typically, the value of a corporation's patent portfolio can be a significant fraction of the overall value of the corporation. If data for mergers and acquisition (M&A) in 2016 is anything to go by, including the AT&T- Time Warner ($86 billion), Qualcomm-NXP Semiconductors ($47 billion), and Microsoft-LinkedIn ($26.1billion) deals, patent analysis for asset valuation is as important as ever.


So how exactly does patent analysis benefit an interested entity? Patent analysis delivers comprehensive competitive intelligence about key players, relevant technologies, and help estimate value of patents owned by key competitors. It is in this regard tools such as patent landscape searches and patent portfolio analysis provide benefit to overall research strategy of a corporation. Analyzing large sets of patent data provides a better understanding of the “big picture” to enable an interested entity to take informed decisions. The Patent Landscape Search helps to identify potential patent portfolios for acquisition, existing or potential infringers to be pursued, and potential technology to be exploited. Furthermore, a patent landscape search helps firms identify gaps in research & development, which of your patents are most valuable, which patents are seminal discoveries and which are incremental improvements, and the most densely patented and most sparsely patented technology areas.


Another important patent analytics tool is patent portfolio analysis. A patent portfolio refers to a collection of patents owned by a single entity, such as an individual or corporation. Patent portfolio analysis involves analysing a patent portfolio held by a corporation or individual. Patent portfolio analysis allows an interested entity to determine the value of patents held by the corporation, identify strength of issued patents based on multiple criteria, etc. Using patent portfolio analysis, a patent portfolio holder can determine which patents to license, probable revenue that can be generated from licensing, first mover advantages and defence against rival portfolio holders.


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