Global Patent Filling Pattern in India

Patenting activity is an important yardstick for measuring innovation, research and technological development in a country. In recent years, India has witnessed rapid changes in its patenting landscape as a result of the growing economic activity and reforms (related to patents). We, investigated the patenting landscape in India, focusing on the patent applications published over Period of January 2014 to July 2014.

This report identifies the foreign countries filling patent in India for this period. According to the data collected About Us the patents filled, it shows the top 5 counties in the list of filing patents in India are U.S. (16%), Japan (8%), Europe (5%), Germany (4%) and France (2%). The below graphs show the number of Patents filled in India by the different countries. This trend shows how global companies are now seeing India as a key market for IP protection. Definitely this shows the interest other counties are having in getting patent protection in India. India is a big market and if patent protection is granted it means a big gateway for a large number of consumers. This filing trend clearly indicates that how all the countries across the globe see India as a big market and through this, India getting a platform for collaboration, partnership and licensing. Growth opportunities are rising. Seeing the opportunities Indian companies and business owners looking for expansion and growth should evaluate the IP portfolio to identify opportunities.


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