Patent Landscape & Portfolio Analysis

With increasing innovation in sectors such as Internet-of-Things (IoT), artificial intelligence, neural networks, and others, it is highly desirable that companies involve analytics as part of their decision making process to ensure progress in areas.....

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Business planning using Patent Searches

A state of the art search is performed to generate a thorough review of any fresh technology or product.The state of the art search reviews patent documents as well as non-patent literature that is generally available online.The list of patent results can

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Einfolge - Helping Hands for Indian Start ups

Einfolge has helped many Indian startups in getting their invention, business plans and ideas patented. The Industries which includes the Solid Waste Management System, Logistics Company, Mobile App Development Etc.

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Freedom to Operate Search (FTO)

Freedom to Operate (FTO) is an evaluation of whether you infringe the patent, design or trademark rights of another entity. Freedom to Operate from a patent perspective means that you have established with a reasonable certainty that your product does

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Patent Illustration: Techniques and its Importance

This blog post will provide a brief understanding on the techniques involved in “Patent Illustration” or “Patent drawings” preparation and their importance in patenting an inventive idea.

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Do Not Hold Back Your Patent Search

Despite smart phone being smaller than an office note pad and lighter than a cup of coffee, smartphone role in revolutionizing human interaction and the way they communicate has been as dramatic as it is far-reaching. The launch of iPhone in 2007 transfor

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