Protect What You Produce

A huge number of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in India are reported to be losing millions in revenues due to lack of awareness about intellectual property rights.

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IP has become a new age sensation

Intellectual property has become a new age sensation among people across the world. People talk about intellectual property rights. The entrepreneurs, businessmen, institutions and almost anyone in this world who runs business is concerned about IPR

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Fashion Industry & IP Protection

Since fashion is not just restricted to apparel but also extends to luxury goods, better standards of living in the country have meant a greater demand for the luxury goods. But, Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) has been a burning issue in this sector.

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Trade Secrets and its protection in India

Trade secrets are something which is a secret device, technique or recipes used by any companies to keep their position in the market. Trade secrets are a combination industrial secrets or commercial secrets.

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Traditional Knowledge and IPR

Traditional Knowledge in a general sense embraces the content of knowledge itself as well as traditional cultural expressions, including distinctive signs and symbols associated with TK.

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Now Trademarks Become a Money Maker

Trademarks have become money makers in the music and film business. Protection of commercial rights and interest for a song and film title plays a vital role when an legal issue arise.

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