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We enable clients across the globe to outperform the competition and stay ahead of the innovation curve.


Einfolge is a global leader in Patent & IPR and market research solutions with a singular mission to protect the intangible assets and to improve the performance of leading corporations, law firms and research institutions.

The company name was derived from EINBLICK (German word for insight/intelligence) and FOLGE stand for result. Truly to its name, Einfolge is a global leader in Knowledge Process Industry.

We provide high-quality, customized and cost-effective intellectual property research, business research and market research solutions with a singular mission to protect the intangible assets and to improve the performance of leading corporations, law firms and research institutions.

We serve organizations of all sizes and provide robust solutions in asset identification, capitalization and value optimization. We enable clients across the globe to outperform the competition and stay ahead of the innovation curve.

We recognize the importance of nurturing relationships that reflect our culture of unwavering ethics and mutual respect.

You receive world-class services from our experienced team of engineers, patent agents, attorneys and professionals in a structured process that delivers quality work, peace of mind and dramatic cost savings.

The company pillars of growths are its People, Process and Technology.

Our leadership team ensures and promote innovative thinking, need for change, create culture of trust through transparency and growth both individually and as a team for its working force.

Over the years, we have become a trusted partner to global organizations including Fortune 500 companies, SMEs, Consulting firms, Law firms, Innovation Powerhouse and Research Centres.

Why Einfolge?

We emphasize to provide you the best solutions to fit your needs and get to the next level of pyramid. We are constantly investigating and updating new technologies to deliver cutting edge solutions.

Our core values of integrity, client satisfaction, innovative approach, focus approach, time management and intellect differentiate us from our competitors. Our focus on developing and maintaining measurable client satisfaction parameters has created a company culture where each of our associates delivers world class service every day.

When you choose to do business with Einfolge you are partnering with a company who cares and listens. For us the level of sincerity and dedication is same for all our clients irrespective of any differentiated on their budget or size. We ensure that you get focussed attention and timely deliveries of what has been promised to you.

We customize the solutions as per your need. We are open to shape, format and present the way you understand well.

We report in simplified language. This make the client’s especially senior management really know what is revealed in those reports and plan next course of action.

We stick to our delivery schedules. It has been since our inception that we have kept our word in delivery time lines under all circumstances.

Quality, Einfolge stands out for Quality. There are layers of quality checks conducted to meet and and thus always try to exceed the expectation.

We don't shoehorn projects and also if we feel we are not the right fit / the project idea is not convincing, we'll be honest to disclose and tell you on the outset itself.

Rest the work will speak out on its own.

Security Measures

EINFOLGE ensures data, physical security and confidentiality in our facilities, process and deliveries.

Our processes have been designed to ensure the security and confidentiality of our clients’ data at all steps.

We implement rigorous physical and logical controls and information security procedures that ensure the availability, confidentiality and integrity of your data. In addition to the security measures deployed at the network level, we enforce policies to restrict access to removable media where required.

Among the measures we take on priorities.

  • Dedicated work force to ensure that client information or any data pertaining to a client is only accessible to team members working for that specific client project only.
  • Restricted and selective data access even to the team members working on a particular project based on the need to deliver without any hiccups.
  • Internal Project code for each project to restrict unwanted disclosures of clients’ information.
  • Access to working zone is restricted based on employees’ profile.
  • SSL encryption to ensure data is secure in transit.
  • Access for all external storage devices have been disabled for all workstations.
  • Mobile, external storage and any other electronic devices are prohibited on the operations floor.
  • All passwords are changed periodically as defined by information security policies.
  • Employees mandatorily sign a non-disclosure agreement and Confidentiality agreement, Einfolge’s Code of Ethics and Acceptable IT Usage policy documents. All team-members are trained focusing on the importance of maintaining the confidentiality of all client information, intellectual property and data at all points in time.

Executive Leadership

Director -Binod Singh

Binod leads the front for Project executions & deliveries and clients’ interaction.

Binod have been helping Companies and Institutes to Generate, Protect, Execute, Market and Sell their IP assets. He has evaluated hundreds of business ideas from IPR perspective and consulted independent inventors; CEO's of many growth companies, and experts from a number of publicly traded companies, research heads of Institutes and build their intangible assets.

Throughout his decade long experience his expertise was involved in creating, peering and shaping of new technologies especially in the fields of Biotechnology, Health Sciences, Pharmaceutical, Chemistry, Green Technologies, Food Technologies and Medical Devices.

He holds an MPhil degree in Biotechnology along with a Post Graduate Diploma in Patent laws from premier institutes.

Director - Ruhan Rajput

Ruhan leads the front of Technology Solutions and Business Development.

He has served in many renowned organisations and global giant banks and helped to streamline their technical process. He has been successful in partnerships with cross-cultural executive leadership teams where he simplified and translated visions and strategies into working operational models.

He has been creating operational strategies and technology vision to develop meaningfully differentiated information infrastructure and process solutions resulting in significant value addition to the customer.

Ruhan's experties lies in Business Objective, Cognos, Oracle PLSQL in software technologies. He holds a B Tech degree from Premier Institute along with various others certification in Technology and Business Management.


Einfolge leverages its extensive academia & industry network to access the best talent pool in the country.

We have a strong team of Engineers, Management Graduates, Patent Analysts, Financial Analysts, Science Scholars & Certified Data Analysts in various technology domains including software, semiconductor, networking, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, pharmaceuticals, Medical, Biotech and Business Research who have been the alumni of the best of institutes.

Technologies We Excel In

  • Electronics
  • Semiconductor
  • Nanotechnology
  • Physics
  • Software And Internet Technology
  • Mobile And Wireless Techonolgy
  • Mechanical
  • Biotechnology
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Medical Device
  • Waste Treatment
  • RDNA Technology
  • Chemical
  • Clean Technology

Srikanth K

Team- Patent Drafting and Prosecution

Srikanth K leads the Drafting and Prosecution team at Einfolge. He has vast expertise in Intellectual Property (IP) Legal and Management related skills namely Patent drafting -Utility and Design, Filing and Prosecution for USPTO, PCT and all other important Jurisdiction alerts and Watch, Proofreading, and searches for all Science, Engineering, and Technology field. He also has expertise in Drafting defensive publications, Trademark Search, Copyright Filing in all important Jurisdiction, since 2011.

Srikanth has an M. Tech degree from Anna University beside a Post-graduate Diploma course in Patent Law at Nalsar university and holds various advanced IP skill-related certificates from the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), Switzerland. His other responsibilities are Client and Attorney interactions, Training of team members, and Responsible for assuring Quality-Driven project deliverables on time.

Murali Krishnan

Team - Patent Illustration

Murali Krishnan leads the Patent Illustration/Drawing team at Einfolge. He has expertise in Intellectual Property (IP) Patent Illustrations for both Utility and Design Patents. He has extensive knowledge and experience to abide by rules and guidelines followed for Patent (Utility, Design & Trademark) Illustrations at various Jurisdictions. He is well-versed in providing Patent Illustrations for Filing, by using existing 3D files like 3D PDF's, Solid works, e-drawings, and Rough sketches, CAD models, and Photographs to create 2D Illustrations for Utility applications like Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Medical, and Electronical devices, Biotech and Pharmaceutical science, Chemical structures, Sequences & Trademark logo illustrations. Further, he creates various views for Design illustrations with shading and has an advanced skill set in Adobe Illustrator, Auto CAD, Microsoft Visio, Adobe Photoshop & Corel Draw.

Murali holds a B.E graduate from Anna University. He is also responsible for Training team members, besides interacting with Clients and Attorneys for Quality-Driven project deliverables on time.

Abinaya S

Team- Patent Research and Market Research

Abinaya S leads the Patent Research and Market Research team at Einfolge. She expertise in Strategizing & Conducting Prior Art Searches - Novelty, Landscape, EoU Analysis, Freedom-to-Operate analysis, Validity/Invalidity Search, Accelerated Examination Search, Trademark & Design Search, Competitor & Market Analysis, and Drafting an opinion on Patent, Trademark & Design Filings. She also Drafts and Files a Patent application as well as Registered Trademarks in India.

Abinaya holds a B. Tech [Biotechnology] from Anna University, besides Postgraduate Diploma in Bio-technique from IBAB, Bangalore. She is also a registered Patent agent. Her prime responsibility in Einfolge is to monitor and maintain the Quality of the Research teamwork and to maintain timelines of project deliveries.

Neetu Singh

Team- Corporate Communication

Neetu Singh leads the Corporate Communication team at Einfolge. She has vast experience in Journalism and corporate communication. She has worked with leading media houses as Principle Correspondent and Lead Content Creator. She holds a Master’s degree in Mass Communication from Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetrabeside PG Diploma Mass Com from Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi.

Neetu is responsible for Internal and External Corporate Communication, Media Management, and Branding. She holds Key responsibilities like creating Media plans including Social Media and Corporate Blogs, Coordinating Outer Resources, Branding, and Identifying the Marketing requirements for the Company.

Ramona Dsouza

Team- HR Asst. Manager

Ramona Dsouza leads the HR Team and has hands on international experience into Recruitment, Onboarding, Training & Development, HR Policy Development, HR Operations, Visa Processing, Grievance Handling, Audits, Performance Management, Employee Engagement and has also handled the overall Administration throughout her career.

She is an individual contributor and a good team player, has good interpersonal skills and is empathetic followed by giving attention to detail, good listener, and self-initiator.

Ramona holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Human Resource Development. Her responsibility at Einfolge includes handling the HR Department, planning and execution of the HR Activities focussing on Employee Life Cycle like Recruitment, Onboarding, Development , Offboarding along with HR Administration.


We are here to help.

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