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Win/Loss analysis

Win Loss Analysis teaches you how to win more by studying past sales deals. It helps you detect problems, understand the market, and stay close to the competition by listening to the best intelligence sources: your buyers and sellers.

With Einfolge, win loss research, methodology and analysis, your sales team will understand exactly why they lost and what needs to be done to improve both their performance and your company’s overall presentation of its products and services. The customized, post-decision interview and debriefing process we employ will provide you with the candid feedback you need to make competitive adjustments to your products, sales approach, marketing strategy and ongoing client servicing efforts.

Einfolge, win loss expertise can help you:

  • Improve the effectiveness of your salespeople and their presentations by gathering insights that help you better position, package, differentiate and deliver your message.
  • Increase your understanding of how your competitors succeed in new business situations.
  • Identify the key drivers for closing new business.
  • Uncover unmet client needs and new product development opportunities.
  • Track your company’s progress against internal standards.
  • Identify areas for improvement within the four key phases of the sales process:

  • 1.  Building rapport
    2.  Identifying needs
    3.  Presenting solutions
    4.  Closing the sale

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