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Market and
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Qualitative Research

Qualitative research on the other hand is more concerned with opinions and feelings. The data does not necessarily end up as a set of numbers that can be analyzed.

It looks at the total picture rather than the separate components. Here we can select the recognized qualitative and quantitative methodology that meets our individual client’s unique goals and design the study to effectively collect the relevant data. Depending on the specifics of a client’s needs, we may employ qualitative methods, such as interviews with retailers, distributors and customers to discover:

  • Consumers needs and requirements
  • Criteria for making purchasing decisions
  • Price-points and demands
  • Product quality impressions
  • Customer service concerns
  • Company’s reputation
  • Reputation of the product or service
  • Competitors’ direct and indirect reputations

We can also use such quantitative tools as paper questionnaires, telephone interviews, organized surveys and focus groups to collect relevant statistical details about the company, product, service, competition or general marketplace.

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