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New Product Research

Successful new products are essential to a company's growth and survival.

We believe new products to be one of the most important applications of marketing research, but one of the most difficult to execute in practice. New products can be concept-driven or product-driven. The implicit model that underlies the following paragraphs is concept-driven (i.e., concept followed by product), but keep in mind that you can also start with a product and work "backward" to build a concept and positioning.

New product development must have focal points to have any chance of success. Focal points include definition of the target market, determination of the product category, and/or definition of the problem to solve or opportunity to exploit. These focal points are largely managerial judgments. Once some of the basic focal points are identified, then Decision Analyst can help make the effort successful.

Our New product research helps you refine product design and features before committing yourself to expensive product development costs. Regular product testing and market research can drive innovation over time, keeping you one step ahead of the competition.

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