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Patent services / Customized Solutions for Start Ups

In synergies with various Government’s initiatives and current trends in global business world, Einfolge has customized its solutions for Start-Ups.

Our solutions are tailor made to suit the immediate, near-term and long-term business needs of Start Ups.

Helping Start ups

Our Solutions:

Protect your Brand Name, Logo, Business Name, Distinctive Catch Phrases, Taglines or Captions with Trademark

It is essential to obtain trademark registration for the business name/trade name under the Trademarks Act. Registration of a company or business name under the Companies Act does not in itself give protection against others who might commence using identical or similar marks.

'TM' stands for Trademark and 'SM' stands for Service mark. The use of TM and SM symbols notifies the public that the company is claiming exclusive ownership of the trademark.

The ® symbol, can be used only once the trademark is registered and the registration certificate is issued.

Our solutions are aligned with the rules and regulations of the Trademark Offices globally and we provide customized support to the start-ups. Our Trademark Search Report Report provides you clear insight about the strength of the brand before filing the Trademark application.

Protecting the Innovation

The effective way of protecting innovation and technology is by filing a Patent application.

In general, there are two types of Patent protection -

  • Utility
  • Design
  • Owning a patent gives you the right to stop others from making, using, selling and importing without your permission.

    It is important that the innovation is not disclosed in public before an application is filed. Disclosure may lead to loss of novelty and the patent application may be rejected. Einfolge assists in the right direction to protect your innovation.

    Einfolge’s Patentability Search Report provides you with all the findings with features mapping for relevant patent & Non-Patent information’s. This helps you to understand the strength of your inventions.

    While filing a patent for your invention, there are several critical aspects to be followed especially in drafting the claims, which define the scope of the invention. Drafting patent specification is an art by itself, and requires the expertise of skilled professionals in this field. Einfolge Patent Drafting team is skilled in drafting the Patent application as per international standards. The preparation of application meets the standards for filing at USPTO, EPO, JPO, PCT, IPO and other Patent Offices.

    We provide efficient Patent Filing services to file your Patents in Indian and other major patent offices including USPTO, EPO, PCT, JPO & CIPO. Einfolge provides quick filing process and diligently monitor all communication & deadlines from Patent Office taking necessary steps including handling Office Action Responses. We assist till the Grant of Patent. We also provide post grant support.

    Market Research

    Market Study is essential for Start Ups; for understanding the needs and target market and the competition.

    Identifying the Market Trends, a trend analysis is an aspect of technical analysis that predict the future growth based on past data. To keep your company ahead of the competition, it is important to utilize market trend analysis, or the process of evaluating changes to your market.

    Primary research is new research, carried out to answer specific issues or questions. It can involve questionnaires, surveys or interviews with individuals or small groups.

    Secondary research makes use of information previously researched for other purposes and publicly available. This is also known as 'desk research'.

    State of Art Technology Research will provide the up-to-date Technology trend and analysis in the market.

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